Write Commitments, Not Copy.

At TheFutureWorks, we write commitments for our clients, not copy. Big difference.

To make the future work out for our clients, we write their commitments — which are personal declarations to be at cause to take care of business concerns, produce future situations that are satisfactory or increase capabilities to think and act effectively, strategically, and competitively to grow the business.

Most executives are not used to observing “writing” as a commitment. What’s common is to think of “writing” as copy, content, marketing fluff, heady strategy or visionary stuff, social media, advertising, “drip” campaign, background, or historical facts. “It’s just copy” and has no bearing on how we should think, speak, writie and act.

But top companies, and top performers, think, speak, write and act ON-PURPOSE. They “think” from how they are going to compete and win. They “think” from their declared “positioning.” They write their thinking down, so that they can test it out in the marketplace and adopt it to new situations. They write it down to keep a record of it. They write it down so that others can follow them in their thinking, writing, speaking and actions.

From their thinking and writing they learn to speak ON-PURPOSE. They know there is a flow or an order to how to speak their competitive advantages so that a listener will assess and accept their value.

Most executives we work with are NOT used to thinking, writing, speaking and acting ON-PURPOSE. They are PURPOSE-FREE, or PURPOSE-LESS. So they cannot use their narratives to accumulate knowledge and power because they change all the time. They lack “the bedrock” of narratives from which to build a great company. No foundation. (No commitment.)

That’s why we write commitments, not copy. And why we put them in a Book of Commitments. And this takes a while to get used to.

The first couple of drafts of The Book of Commitments is really the Book of Half-Truths, Hyperbole and Lies. As people in our culture, we are SO used to saying what we want, when we want, with no thought to the situation or our purpose for opening our mouth. And then we put all of these half-baked words together and they have no structure or no theme that ties them together. No coherence. It is is obvious.

That’s when we can start to make some progress with our clients on their The Book of Commitments.

What is the future that they are willing to produce?
What are their ambitions?
How will they compete?
What is their philosophy of care?
Highly-valued accomplishments?
Their big why?
Business mission?
What are they passionate about?
What part of the Book will they memorize and require everyone in the company to think, write, speak and act from?
Where will they take a stand?

Now we’re getting somewhere.

The Competitive Reality is that business professionals from successful companies view their thinking, writing, speaking and actions as commitments – declarations to be at cause to live the business mission, to hold & execute the strategy, and to perform the tactics in a superior way so that they win transactions and build a powerful business organization.

Are you ready to make this change in your thinking about writing? Are you ready to commit to producing your future? When you are, we can help you act in ways that are consistent strategically with accumulating the knowledge and power you’ll need to colonize your future.