Professionals Commit To Compete Successfully. Not To Function Ordinarily.

This is the third blog in a series of blogs about what business professionals can learn about Competitive Reality from professionals in the National Football League.

One thing that professional football players DO is aim their thoughts and actions around fulfilling their quest to win the Super Bowl. They work on developing superior conditioning year-round. They practice the fundamentals of their position daily. They realize that every year new draft picks are coming up to try and take their position. They compete with a commitment to WIN – their position, their division, their conference, the Super Bowl. Everyday they are looking to produce an edge, a competitive advantage, with their practices. They watch more video, cross-train, they do ballet, yoga, brain-work, etc.

Here’s the Competitive Reality for business professionals:

Be uncommonly intentional. Live your business mission everyday. Study your competitors. Know where you have an advantage and know where you are weak. Develop great bench-strength. Invest in your team. Have only top-notch players. Work on your moods, work on your daily practices. Are they competitive enough? Are they uncommon enough? Seek out principles, laws and mechanisms that form the basis of how you compete. Know your strategy. Take on the costs of training your team. Pay more for extraordinary players, coaches, trainors and help that can make you great. Stay away from what is ordinary.