Pro Football Begins: What we can learn from Professionals.

What we love about pro football at TheFutureWorks is the professionalism:

The ambitions and the various sets of concerns of the roles of the players, coaches and staff, including the owners.

The love of competition. The love of preparation.

The constant adjustments to the reality of salary caps, players capabilities, availablity, competition, score, time on the clock, standings, etc.

The clash of philosphies on the field and off the field.

The clear winners and losers.

That’s why for the next couple of months we are going to draw comparisons between professionals in football and professionals (and the lack of professionalism) in the world of business. Let’s begin with some obvious ones:

Most people in pro football recognize the competitive nature of the industry. They know that they are there temporarily. That someone else is after their job. That if they don’t perform they are gone. There is a sense of urgency to prouce results.

Not so much in the world of business as we move further and further down the organization chart. Yes, it is there in some companies, but a false sense of entitlement hangs in the air for many of the companies we have worked with. The urgency is not there. The focus on being in the best practices is lacking. There is little commitment beyond the boardroom to producing the company mission.

The Competitive Reality is, that you need to make a commitment, to yourself, to become a competitive business professional. It starts there. You need to take your career as seriously as a young quarterback prospect. Work on your intentions.

What are you trying to do with your career? What are you after? What role do you want to play? What company do you want to play for? What skills will you need? What is your level of commitment? How much money do you want to earn?

Professionals think about their intentions. Professionals think about where they are headed and how they can produce a bigger and better future, no matter where they are in the game. They think about work, career, money and the skills they need to produce the future they want.

Have you thought about the kind of life you want? How much money is enough? And what it takes to get there? Take the time. Figure it out.

Signing a $30,000,000 contract? Winning the Super Bowl? Being the MVP? What’s your equivalent? Remember, your ambition is the fuel to be in the competitive practices it takes to get there.